• Delivery problem - wrong item!

    Marcin Woyna-Orlewicz | 2022-08-11 | Hits 19194
    • Dear Kendoshop team,


      Today I received delivery of my order no. 20220702_AE5_0000013.


      Unfortunately upon unpacking the parcel I discovered that the main item ordered by me (a Do)  was completely wrong.


      What I ordered -  I ordered a 1,5bu handmade Do with Mune M191 (red dragonfly pattern) and Dodai color D232 Black Rose.


      What I received – a 2,5 mm Chung Un cow leather Do with a standard M311 Mune and Dodai color Dark Wine.


      That is completely wrong – I already have a Do with Dark Wine Dodai and M311 Mune which I ordered in December last year under order no. 20211205_SE6_0000099.


      It is very disappointing as I ordered that special 1,5bu Black Rose Do to use on special occasions such as tournaments and examinations. On top of paying for custom components (M191 Mune and D232 Dodai) I paid shipping costs, extra fees charged by intermediary bank, tax fees and customs fee only to discover that I was sent an item I did  not order.


      I am attaching a screenshot of my order specification in my account on your website and pictures taken when unpacking the box which show details of the item delivered.

      I have sent you a number of e-mails in that matter and reached out through messenger each time attaching pictures to prove my point. As of today you did not reply to me - that I consider unacceptable and cannot understand. Let me attach pictures again. 


      Please contact me urgently and suggest a resolution of that serious issue. I really want to receive the ordered Do as per the attached specification.



      Marcin Woyna-Orlewicz.

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